I grew up in a small town in eastern Washington (state). I spent my youth studying architecture and dreaming of designing meaningful experiences that help people live and work better.

Along the way, I found myself being pulled into the booming digital landscape, and followed this path as it led me to a career in consulting with Deloitte for Fortune 500 corporations and venture-backed startups.
In 2015, I took a leap of faith and dove head first into building my own — now defunct — startup (RIP Rezza). After recovering from the 
In 2021, my partner and I saw the opportunity to create a new way of living for ourselves, and moved out of Seattle to a small remote town in central Washington.
This is where you find me — at the crossroads of a life spent building companies for other people, and a renewed love of writing and designing. 

Join me, as I explore this path.

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